Prosperity Black
 Membership Benefits

Enjoy access to a diverse investment portfolio and acquisition opportunities only available to members of Prosperity Black, with Return on Investment from local Business, Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions displaying high-growth potential via strategic venture capital funding. Our positive community relations across the country and successful track record of progress-driven acquisitions come with the added value of community restoration and wealth building initiatives for our members.

Make Connections

Deepen and invigorate your ties with the Black community through connections founded in mutual prosperity.

Form Partnerships

Collaborate with Black business leaders, innovators and movers who find success in empowering the Black community.

Get Informed

Take advantage of pinpoint timing and market opportunities with insider access to real-time investment information.

Get Empowered

Empower yourself by being part of a nationwide initiative that leverages commercial and investment prowess in favor of the Black Community.

Prosperity Black

Financial Benefits

Become an Owner

Take command of community ownership with investments that buy back the block and put the future in our hands.

Enjoy Easy Investing

Join an elite team of market and community analysts for investing made simple with profitable pushback against gentrification.

Receive Shared Profits

Become a stakeholder in business and investment income as you experience the benefits of Prosperity Black ownership first-hand.

Expand Your Net Worth

Invest in business and residential and commercial real estate that grows your net worth as a byproduct of Black community development.


Join Our TeamFor only $299 you can receive full benefits with access to our next investment projects, Join Now and get started.


Become AccreditedBecoming accredited is a qualification process we use to vet the investment commitment of your application.


Start InvestingOnce you gain membership access, you can begin viewing current projects and connecting with Prosperity Black earners.