Who We Are

Prosperity Black is an Investor Group for Black Americans with the goal of empowering local families and business owners through black-owned investments into community-level growth and prosperity.

What We Do

We represent Underserved Communities through Business and Real Estate Acquisition Investments made on behalf of the community’s best interests and which are designed to boost commercialism, local ownership and quality of life for community members.

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Our Vision

Create a Power Investment Group

To empower Black Investors through community-focused financial activities that result in subsequent investment opportunities, generational wealth, and help scale our communities to new heights.

Our Mission

Acquire Assets & Create Wealth thru Investment Ownership

To reform and rebuild Underserved Communities through strategic acts of Business and Real Estate Development and Acquisition with the goal of financial growth and material profits for investors and community members.

How You Fit Our Team

Power Investment Networking

Every member of Prosperity Black is part of an expansive movement geared towards commercial reform on a community level. We are seeking dedicated and like-minded individuals who understand our purpose and can’t wait to get involved.

Who We Are Searching For?

  • Ambitious Investors
  • Team Oriented
  • Owner Entrepreneurs
  • Self Motivated
  • Community Leaders
  • Money Motivated



We are a diverse group of community-minded professional investors who understand the importance of business and real estate acquisitions backed by community interests. Our decades’ of investment experience features essential principles that give members the opportunity of bringing purpose to their profits.

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Corey McBride


Jared Beasley

Project Manager