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Introducing Prosperity Black

Wealth Creation for Black Americans

Prosperity Black is an Investment Group for Black Americans with the goal of creating wealth for our members by the re-building and empowering of our communities through black-owned investments and commitments to community-level growth and prosperity.

We Invest as a Team

We Join Forces for Profits

We Share Profits

Every Project Yields Equal ROI

Work Process

Prosperity Black


Business Investment

Bringing Business to the Black Community

Business Investment
Invest in small local businesses primed for growth with the goal of strengthening the community through enhanced commercialism, financial support and increased job opportunities.

Real Estate Investment

Commercial | New Construction | Rehabilitation

Real Estate Investment
Invest in real estate redevelopment projects designed to elevate local market value, attract homeowners and business owners, and beautify the community through the construction of modern homes, buildings and neighborhood features.

Community Empowerment

Restore | Revitalize | Beautify | & Profit

Community Empowerment
Investment in the community pays off with Prosperity Black, which grants focus on underserved aspects through strategic projects designed to increase commercialism, promote local ownership and boost community morale.

Become Owners 

in Our Community!

Ownership is empowerment with
Prosperity Black, where investors buy back the block and fight gentrification through influential investments intended to promote community development and restoration in the best interests of our members.  

We Invite a Black Americans to Join!

Take leadership over local communities by joining an elite team of investors whose collaborative efforts serve personal investment goals while improving future prospects for community members achieving wealth and serving a bigger purpose helping others.